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 kirk dilbeck

Being raised in a Real Estate family means Kirk understands both feast and famine and the concepts of: saving for a rainy day and the employees come first. Being the youngest of 6 children means Kirk understands how to fight for his share of the pie. Kirk inherited his love of real estate from his father, but he also wanted to blaze his own trail so in 1986 he started his career in the escrow industry.



· Walks the walk and talks the talk. Kirk has held every position in escrow: messenger, receptionist, closing department, assistant, Escrow Officer & Branch Manager

· Helped maintain business through 2 major economic downturns keeping 90% of key staff members through each.

· Six of our twelve Escrow Officers were new to escrow prior to walking through our doors and have a combined tenure of over 100 years

Kirk’s hobbies include; collecting comic art, hosting raucous game nights, and all things pizza (he doesn’t have his own pizza oven for nothing!), each of which he enjoys even more when his wife and four children join in on the fun.

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