With excellent customer service as her  number one priority, Laurie is your go-to for a quality escrow experience. Behind the desk since 2002, Laurie is knowledgeable, confident, and committed to making each escrow not only smooth but an enjoyable transition as Buyers become home owners and Sellers move on to their next home. Laurie believes in treating her clients the same way she would like to be treated – with respect and care through communication during every step of the  Escrow process. Laurie measures the success of an Escrow by the smiles she brings to all involved in the completion of the transaction.


Laurie’s approach to life is to show love and compassion to all those she encounters. Together with her husband and daughter, Laurie is involved in her community and has a large heart for volunteering, lending a helping hand where needed. Having led her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop for 11 years, she knows the importance of giving back as she taught young girls to achieve, succeed, and become tomorrow’s leaders.  Laurie’s boundless energy drives her to always do her best, and regardless of home or office, she is not only doing well, but also doing good.