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PJ Trujillo & suzy tchouldjian


I am an escrow old timer, starting out when we did our jobs with only a typewriter, copy machine and a phone. Even though I had other plans when I graduated from USC, I found escrow to be both rewarding, addicting and interesting, which is why I chose to make it my career.

My favorite part of servicing our clientele is building relationships and friendships and helping others to achieve their goals. It also makes me feel good when I can help someone navigate an often times scary or confusing process and make it easier.

I have been married to my husband Garry for 32 years and we both have the same personal motto, to live each day to the fullest and enjoy life, especially the small gifts we receive every day. When I am not working, I enjoy puttering around my home, spending time with my family and friends and watching baseball and tennis.

I  also process Bulk/Business Sale Escrows. It is exciting to have a new set of skills to perfect and be able to make myself more valuable to our clients. I hope to make some new connections and friends through this side of the business.


Having a positive outlook in life, even during challenging times, helps me stay on task and focused. “When you can’t control what’s happening, control the way you respond to what’s happening”,  is my personal motto, and I apply this to my work and my everyday life.  I have chosen a career in escrow as it suits my passion for making people happy and making lasting connections. I love being able to assist clients and satisfy their needs – always with a willingness to go the extra mile! 

Another reason escrow is the perfect fit for me is that I enjoy the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people and being a part of their home buying or selling experience.  I always strive to make my clients feel comfortable and at ease through their escrow.

Feeling supported and guided throughout the escrow process from start to finish is a priority of mine.
Here are a few more work facts about me:

   - Having started my escrow career in 2000, I have over two decades of experience in the industry.

   - I have worked at Inter Valley Escrow since 2014.

   - I am a certified escrow technician and earned this designation from the California Escrow Association. 

   - I am bilingual, with Armenian being my native language.

All the above, along with having excellent communication skills and being detailed oriented, have proven to play a key role in customer retention and referrals but most importantly, happy clientele!  

BASKETBALL!  Basketball is a big part of my husband’s and my life.  Both of my teenage sons play on school team and local leagues.  This keeps me busy with  attending games and volunteering for team events.  If I am not at a game, I do enjoy a good Netflix binge!    

Sophie E.

I had the pleasure of having Suzy handle my escrow. And this company was actually the seller's company. I didn't choose them.

They always answered my phone calls and emails right away. Suzy, specifically, was soooooo good at breaking down the fees and explaining the numbers. Especially regarding the origination fee. She is so kind and helpful and I'm so thankful I had her handling my escrow. She cares about people and it isn't just about the money for them. Some people are just really great at what they do and that is the case for Suzy.

Ben S.

...Paula "PJ" Trujillo [is] outstanding and 100 % knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy! I have worked with [her] for over 10 years and they have exceeded my expectation on every escrow!
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