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Regan Franklin has been in the Real Estate industry since 1991 and has been with Inter Valley Escrow since 1993.


Working out of the Pasadena Branch, he provides escrow services for residential, commercial, 1031 exchanges & refinances.  Constantly expanding his escrow real estate knowledge, Regan often attends real estate and escrow education classes and seminars. 


Regan’s ambition, attention to detail, and hard work have culminated in his success as an escrow officer and partner at Inter Valley Escrow. He loves the  problem solving challenges of escrow and enjoys his work most when a problem can be solved with team effort resulting in satisfied clients. Regan always puts his clients first, and works through the Escrow Transaction to ensure that all parties experience a smooth transaction.


Regan resides in Altadena with his two children and enjoys basketball,  cycling and racquetball.

Kit P.

I have been working with Regan Franklin at Intervalley Escrow, Pasadena for over 2 decades. I trust him 200% with my clients in all transactions! Regan and his team are professional, caring and detailed-minded. It is truly hard to replace them with other escrow companies!

Dana L.

Just closed on our home sale today and Regan Franklin did a masterful job keeping things on track and getting documents organized and properly processed.  Thank you Regan and IVE team!
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